The aims and the objectives of SNER are contained in the section II in article 9 of its constitution and fall into the following twelve clauses:
• To mobilize teachers in legally recognized organs to defend their rights and interests;
• To maintain and develop among its members the Unionism, the Solidarity and brotherhood;
• To represent its members and defend their interests at national and international level;
• To ensure strict application of social legislation and enforcement of collective agreements;
• To participate in political and administrative decisions regarding its members;
• To initiate negotiations and collective agreements regarding its members;
• To promote the welfare and good living conditions and work of its members
• To make and propose model income generating projects for its members;
• To conduct training on unionism and other professional education programmes for teachers at national, regional and local levels;
• To struggle for the participation of its members in the planning of national education and the management of their institutions;
• To contribute permanently, through its initiatives, to improve the quality of education.


The vision of the Teachers Union is to become one of the most effective and autonomous in the world.


SNER mission is to bring together teachers from different grades to quality service, to strengthen their defense and protect their rights, improve their living conditions in terms of socio-economic and professional and to promote quality of Education.